VITAMIN Lounge Mix

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.V I T A M I N .

. vol.1 Lounge Mix .

Welocome to the Vitamin Lounge Mix album. The set is colabrited with all famouse lounge and Lo-Fi music wich will turn your summer into a paradise while listen to the whole album.

DOWNLOAD is free from this link DOWNLOAD

Song list:

1    Name
2    Vitamin
3    I’ve Given Enough
4    Trinkets And Things
5    The Beat Goes Boom
6    Love Thing
7    The Passion (Original Mix)
8    To Build A Home
9    Unfinished Sympathy (Original)
10  I Feel Good Inc(Jamiroquai Edi
11   Flim
12   Someday
13    Dolphin Boy Shake It Loose
14    prince-i wanna be your lover
15    right now
16    Young Generation
17    You, That I`m With (Ft Ian James Whit
18    mystic voyage
19    Gatekeeper
20    Backyard BBQ Jam
21    Dream Machine
22    I Want A Little Doggie
23    In Your Eyes
24    It’s Gonna Be
25    Backyard BBQ Jam
26    Made For You
27    Senorita Tristeza
28    bye bye blues
29    Aquarian Angel
30    Blow Your Mind
31    I’ve Been Thinking (Cat Power)
32    Kiss me Twice
33    Bring It
34    For The Time Being (Radio Edit)
35    Magic Love
36     Remind Me
37    Cool Cat
38    Daft Punk – Something about us
39    All I Want is A Good Time (Original Mix)
40    Phonique Feat. Erlend Oye – For the time being
41    Perfect Bright
42    Mixed by Solimano
43    Towa Tei
44    Light
45    Lectropic
46    Towa Tei
47    Tortured soul love everlasting
48    Supperclub 8
49    Music & Movement – Original Mix
50    Lazywalker
51    Hotmello
52    Hold Tight
53    Harem Oceano
54    Feeling Good
55    Epic
56    Deeoer Love
57    Baby Dream
58    Aquanote – All Over You (Pimp
59    new baby (edit)
60    Yeah

Enjoy the Music and have a great summer.

Wish to the Rain

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Rain drops touch my face,

I doubt it is the weathers grace,

It feels so soft and calm,

like sitting underneath a palm.

But no, it’s not the rain,

It’s something what I miss everyday,

something that has been tickling my heart like the rain.

I know it’s you,and you miss me everyday,

that’s how I feel the drops all the way.

I wish you could sit next to me in this rain, that I wont miss you everyday.


I wrote this poem when i was coming back home, on the way i was thinking about everything, everyone, i was so happy, don’t know why but fact was my heart was on a good mood. Few meters were left till home.

But suddenly it started raining, so soft and light. It felt good, it felt like someone was stroking my face, someones stroke that i missed very much.

On my left hand side was the riverside, I was all in the rush to not get wet but I slowed my steps, I had the feeling to go to the riverside and sit down. No matter how many drops were falling on me I just sat down and enjoyed it.

Some words came on my mind, some images in my head from the past and I started writing this little words from my little heart. Somehow i felt upset but it was changing and I had the only wish on that moment that the person who I most love should have felt the same happiness that I felt.

So I made a wish to the Rain, that when ever the person is going to feel the rain drops from above the sky, they should feel the same.

Hope you enjoy it.

Cannes Festival 2011

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Yes that’s right, the Cannes Film festival.

I was attending a Georgian film presentation. The film is called “Forgotten King” filmed by Nikoloz Khomasuridze. The film has been shot with only on Camera continuously for 105 minutes. It’s quit incredible if you think deep of the core structure before knowing about the context.

Nikoloz Khomasuridze

Nikoloz Khomasuridze

Myself I was very impressed, mostly I adored the swapping of locations from just a tiny room and all the effects that have been used, to be honest it needs a strong retouch, for example there are names of Kings and historical people who only a Georgian person can understand whats and about who the conversation is, but still in total the film wont disappoint you.

Unfortunately there were no hollywood celebs that I could meet in person but still it was quite a great feeling to walk on the red carpet and get a sight inside  the Film Palace and i had the chance to meet other celebs such as the actors/actresses from the film. Even that how this invitation from Nikoloz happened was sudden and unexpected, there is a Georgian Radio channel every Friday which is LIVE streaming,FM 106.4 called as their main talk project “It’s me“. They invite various artist and talented people such as Nikoloz and talk trough the whole midnight, from 10pm till the sunrise.

While talking about FM 106.4 ,  one of the audience is Mia (my mother), she listens to it every friday and participates with her heart and soul, you have the chance to call them and ask anything you would love to know about the artist or just greet them, by phone, by text or via Skype they are all welcome to hear your voice.

On the previous show Nikoloz was invited with his colleagues to talk about the film and say few words about his life how he achieved this all. Mia called them up, greeted them while asked about the projects and soundtracks that was unpublished and suddenly next day I heard that she was invited by Nikoloz to the Film presentation in Cannes. First i thought that was a joke but it wasn’t, we had 3 days before the festival and I still had my projects to finish for my university but who cares, you get an invite to Cannes, obviously you will leave everything behind and just go.

Nice / Monaco

After the film presentation me and Mia went to Nice and afterwards Monaco, just met some friends and relatives. But to be honest it was dead there, like no one was there, for sure i know it was not the perfect season hanging out in Monaco but there was a 3% of people who I saw,  in Monte-Carlo they were preparing for the F1 races. But the weather was terrifying, cloudy and a bit of rain motivated our next day.

Sadly we had to leave the next day, so we just decided to have a nice coffee and eat yummy cakes from the Boulanger.

Here are some pics, so enjoy the post and your day ;]


Honey on my Heart

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I wish that you could see me now,
that I’m happy, that I’m smiling.
I wish you could feel the same,
what I want , for what I’m trying.

Trying to let you hear the beats,
from my soul, from the core,
since the time you dripped the honey on my heart I feel no more,
else this little sweet song belongs to the hives.
In the hives where the bees remain this love alive,
and my heart beats will belong to you for all the time.

I’ve plucked so many hopes, too many guesses, but I’m sure the chamomile will leave me the answers very preaches.

That’s why I’m happy and I’m smiling,
That’s why your honey on my heart,
makes this feeling shining.
And I always will be happy for you,
that this Love is always going to be true.

White Palace

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Well well well…
Once upon a time there was a White Palace, in the fields and nature of England, to be more specific it was and is in Chichester. A place of peace, music, sweet, and happiness.

The colour White, symbol of peace. And it truly is a place in White where you rest your soul and mind.

Melodyies, the sounds, the voices in White Palace are splendid. Who ever is a musician can express their feelings into the music what they play and leave a remarkable feeling.

A place where you can enjoy the best cupcakes, tea and other delicious food.

A place where everyone is sharing the same mood, same happiness and love.
Royal Wedding Tea party

I was invited by Milie to this great tea party and plus a Fiddlig Gig before that day.
I met my good friend Jeanie as well, great person with a rich heart full of warmth and sunshine.

I had the pleasure to stay at the White Palace and plus charge my phone :D.
The next day after the Fiddling gig we had to prepare for the royal wedding, it’s was splendid, just wow. Minutes after minutes more and more friends were joining us for the tea party, everyone was curious about the royal wedding of prince William and Katy, what they where going to where, which famous person would appear and of course the kiss.

We had a lot of fun, the best fact was that we were all wearing suites and dresses as you would think we were a part of the wedding and it truly was a great feeling.

Had a lot of fun with my new friends, playing piano and guitar, singing, playing ping pong which I never did and I quite liked it :), to tell shorty it was great fun.

After the party I had the honour from Katy, Milie, Heidy and Will of taking me on a small tour around Chichester. We were in the Cathedral of Chichester, funny fact was that people thought we came from the royal wedding by looking at our clothes.





I had a great time 🙂 miss the new friends already and would love to see them soon.

December sucks

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Well well well, this December is full with surprises and I hate surprises, good or bad it doesn’t matter. But it’s sort of a different Decmeber, no one is ready for it, no one is having really fun to enjoy it, no one feels the December. 😦

In Uni I messed up, couldn’t finish the first project it wad too confusing and useless. The second one which I failed as well was me ,who thought I was and didn’t keen to make some research. Messed up the whole situation by doing nothing.

The other usual basic stuff is still in progress, we are doing fine.

About me, I am fed up with chicken chow main, rusty my friend is going to see me dying one day while I’m eating it. We eat that shit every week and it’s really crazy.

The whole hours , minutes and seconds I was counting till I would have my xmass holidays and finally would go at Cathys in Germany.

And it did happen 😉 I was so fucking happy to see her after the long time.


Now am just sitting here in London, home :/ kinda feeling bitchy. Need my mood, need my energy and the most I need my Friends.

So now , I have to go to Paris tomorrow, a bunch of people are awaiting there. My uncle’s family, my mums relative and some girls from my Georgian school. I guess I will have fun but not so much , am more worry about my projects in Graphics and I just need quiet space to think and arrange everything, just accomplish on a perfect standard.

Here is some bundle of pics that i took with my Iphone

I wish you guys a happy New Year , enjoy it. 😉


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After coming back from holidays,  I found out results in school and ran straight away to Middlesex University.  It’s kinda far but I got to live with that.

I handed the grades to the head of the university and he had a quick look on the screen and told me ” You are accepted “.

That was definitely a shock for me, I didn’t know what to do with my emotions.

MDX – Middlesex Unviersity

First week there was the “induction week”  ,  the usual stuff you know,  where what is and what we can use and to get a student ID card… etc.

I met really nice people there, which are my friends now.  Many students are from outside the country and outside London.

  1. I recognized my self as FOUND.
  2. I love the Projects.
  3. I love the Environment.
  4. I love the People.


What I mean in finding my self is…  I feel my self, I found the right place where I belong to,  where I can think about the thinks I like to think, where I can say what I want to say that everyone understands me. I can now feel my life, my future how it is building up its self and am proud of my self that everything is going like planned.


The Projects are pretty interesting and suspenseful. We have like 4 Projects in the whole week and the deadline is in December.

These Projects are including, Typography and Layout / Digital Design / Print Making / History of Art.

I find the Typography lesson pretty interesting, the teacher explains explains and explains and confuses us with many ideas and thoughts and that’s what I think is the main goal from them. We have to struggle , the tutors are keep telling us ” You are a Problem Solver, a Designer” and i think that’s the right way to learn how to use the elements and think logically to produce a art work or any task in high standarts.


The environment is alright. It’s a bit far from my place where I live but it’s ok.  It takes me max 2 hours from home till the university.

The whole campus is in a big park and actually it’s very greeny :D. There is just a central road till 2 tube stations (Cockfosters and Oakwood) and thats it.


The people are various, many people come from abroad. On my course we are like about 30 but it depended on the lectures, sometimes we are 10 or max 35 people in one studio.