I’m justa Dreamer

Well, everything is going well,  in school am doing my stuff really good, in ICT (Information Communication Technology)  i done like one Unit in just 3 lessons :] am feeling happy that when i know something and am publishing it freely without hesitation :]
In Fine art, i have got the task to choose an artist and resear

ch about him, use his technique and mix it with my style :]
The artist is Mark Rothko, well he is a bit of weird artist but it goes, it is good for my art works, he is drawing just 3 squares and thats it, he is expressing his feeling into the colour and he sais ” My art work is not abstract, my art work lives and breaths”.  Oh well just to be fair i am talkin some bullshit aswell like that in front of the teacher :].
Nothing is going on that much special :\ am bored,  nerved from Mia v__v  i hate when she is just starting to argue with me about stupid things T_T,  i hate when she is waking me up in the morning,  i have got that fucking alarm set but she is still knocking on my head x[  hate that…   when i tell her that i am out with my friends she needs to know who they are what the do etc..   ok ok I know that it is just care from parents and they want to know what their son is into but everything has got its limits :[  it is just not fair, i can go out with who i want, i am not that dum to walk with some tramps in london.
Last week i met Ellie  , my ex ,  she was looking as usual as wonderful she was :]  but well am feeling much better now that we are good friends n__n.  We were at Camden with her friends  Jack & Jack :] just were boozing to get some cigarettes and alcohol but well,i forgot my ID or passport  ,dam >__< am 18 and ma not using my ability.
I made a great work for my idols,  Joe and Steve :] found great pics on http://www.dimarzio.com 😛  and copied them but just edited in my ways :]
My favourite Song this week,

Ozzy Osborne – Dreamer

And yeah, Nini bought me a Happy birthday present :] crazy girl, she bought me the perfume  of Paco Rabanne’s

1 million

Love you Sis xx


~ by alexsatriani on September 24, 2009.

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  1. sad dagvekarge zmaooooo:*:*:*:*

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