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So, these days has been really cool & crazy :D, erm… lunch time drinking beer with Boris  and than drunk on the lesson just being crazy 😀   the ICT teacher pleased me to cover her lesson O___O  and I was so tipsy that I even couldn’t speak properly.  I was teaching my class mates in Macromedia Fireworks how to create animations (gif.) and for example create buttons for website designs with normal (png.) formate. In Art, my art teacher (ms.Sangha)  offered the art team to go on a holiday trip in march in Barcelona for just 4 days O__O  ok 4 days are cool but in a  15 € HOSTEL , what the holy fuck??  A 15 euro hostel with 13 people in one room, i asked her if i could get my own hotel…  ¬¬ she was like ” Alex listen, if you coming with us you will be always with use and do all the things what everyone is doing,  i don’t care if you spread out £ 4 000 000 out from your ears, these people who are studding here they can not afford a 30 € hotel, so please pay attention”   ….  hahah I was like WTF,  it is not about if i am rich or not, it just logic here,  if you get a hotel for 30 €  for 2 person that’s the same as in the hostel ¬¬   30 € / 1 person = 15 €.   Well i don’t want to argue about that now v___v. In the common room where all year 12-13 are gathered on break/lunch or free lessons are lots of thing going on :] last time I heard that they were voting for the boys and girls, I was a sleep xD  the boys told me that I was the most rated from the girls 😛  well i don’t care, there aren’t girls in the school which are in my category type n__n Dam, am searching for some universities but i there are like millions of them :[  i need the best one …

Fashion & Club:

On saturday the 28th of September Me,Nini and Tia went to Pacha,  had kinda fin :\ not too much, there was no space for dancing and stuff v__v so it was like bluaaaaaaaaaaaaah  xD nothing special, never will go to pacha again unless i haven’t hired my own table there.

Yesterday(02/10/09) I was on a Fashion show in the ” Salt Bar”  on Edgware road, it was pretty cool, I was on the guest list and had the ability to go in n__n , my sis was modelling there so, thats because I was on da list :P… I met some nice people in the bar,Anna Krengel, JenJen … :]  well we had fun, was taking lots of pictures and just being chilling.

When i went into the Salt Bar i was all alone there , had no friend with me :\  people were watching me and the manager was always kind to me :] … I was sitting there alone yeah and some girls where next to me and on of the girls (Anna) spoke to me :]  she said ” you look bored ”  … well i was bored because had no one to be with and to talk with :[

after the Fashion show me  and Nii went at home,  she was that ultra drunk xD

City Adventure:

Me and Nini went on the day where all shops on Regents street had their birthdays and just had a look and where something like shopping :]   and having fun 😛

Fav song of the Month is  from  Chris Cornell – Black Hole Sun


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