Alright, on saturday i was out with Ellie in the Science Museum :]  was pretty fun though, i took pics and stuff,  3 days before that saturday i haven’t had any fags, not even one  😐  yeah i know it’s a wonder that i don’t smoke that much anymore but well, ellie bought some and  i couldn’t say no  😀 . Well after that we were like hungry and i decided to eat her but naa  Nandos was a perfect place to dress her spicy xD  well in nandos i had a financial accident, my bank car was declining O___O  i couldn’t find any solution so that meant we just had no choice to stay…  We than went to Tescos, bought some pizza and at my house.  It was a lovely day actually and she loved the view from my balcony, especially she disliked my spider  REX :[  and yeah ….  We watched Zombieland, it was funny though, lovely effects and ok. Well after film we went to Traff just see people and stuff, met Chaz, Louise…

I called my sis and just asked what she have been up to, she told me that she would come in the Exchange Bar on Soho, no problemo for me,  was drinking beer for free and smoking aswell xD  Thanks for Irina deida xx

Well nothing special is going on these moments,  am just studding and doing my works well, tomorrow is deadline in Business and i hope  i have done everything fine :] .   Ou yeah, i have guests at home from Georgia,  my cousine and her parents came to visit london.  Well i can not say that it was fun,  we went to the Tate , had to show them the whole london  and yeah,  you know …

Oxymoron = Love&Hate

My class mate Juan told me that word, he know the relationship what between me and my EX is going on v__v .  He is telling me that i still love her but i really don’t even give a shit,  because that girl brought me so many pains to me that it’s over now, i don’t fucking care…  I showed Love,  I showed Romantic, Self/Respect & Friendship but i couldn’t see that that person was following all these :[  just left scares on my heart and that’s it , which makes me think about her when i see my scares,  think with hate and just no interest anymore v__´v.   Well to be fair, i gave her many chances and thats it,  now it’s over.  She thinks that i am the one who doesn’t looks behind to the past what happened, na na life is not like that,  what happened, it happened and never go back for it but you can just remember it,  just look forward for your future to not drop in the hole of Poison Love.

She is writing me today that she is still thinking about me and stuff like that, i really don’t give a shit really,  she burned my heart which is impossible in biological ways. I have no words to describe that :[   she nerves me,  but well i really don’t care, maybe Tika is right, i am still in love with her,  i love to hate her but that means that i still pay attention and think about her… well i really don’t know ,  the last time it was that i saw her in my dreams and thats it,  yesterday before i was sitting on my balcony and smoking a fag,  kinda remembered that situation that i use to be when i really love her ¬¬   when i was adoring her and making up my illusions up in the sky …  it brakes my heart :/

I think sometimes it is true,  that i made the picture of me and her,  Sometimes we HATE… but all the time we LOVE.

HATE & LOVE = OXYMORON,   fuck sake , am getting angry that sometimes it is like that and can not do anything else to ignore this thing.



I think i will go to Bournemouth Art University ,  everyone is advising me it so why dont i give a try :]


~ by alexsatriani on October 15, 2009.

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  1. sainteresoa xmata umravlesoba ras fiqrobs 🙂

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