We was so close…

School Life

Well , in school nothing is going on, i feel tempted to do my works and just force my self to accomplish all my tasks, people say i am selfish, well if yes than that’s true, I don’t care, I love to work for my self, years past i was supporting everyone and giving a push in their life’s but where was the profit for me, where was the sign of good happening? God taught me lots of things, most of them were bad happenings from what i could learn, to differentiate the Good & Bad, but I am more trusted in this life to my self, to my soul , not totally to god.
My faiths in this life are like mixed for what I feel weird,  Christian Orthodox/Pagan. I really don’t know but today (18/10/09) I went to the church, the priest was talking about faith to god, to not lose it, not get lost alone in your self and walk in the darkness where you can not see anything, that you don’t know your way for your future to torch it. Well I kinda feel al right, am not reading the holy book and things like that going to church… I more trust my life as it is said ” What comes around, it goes around”  “რასაც დათესაც,იმას მოიმკი”.
At Friday Nii had a fashion contest in a club called ” Aquarium”, was kinda alright, full with Russians and it was like a fake contest, they already have had chosen who would go on the 1st place. Well my sis won the second place, people where shouting when her turn was to represent herself, it was funny though, no one was there actually pretty or if you could say ” wow, she is buff ” . She won a bottle of Moët & Chandon (Imperial)  and a free photo shoot for her portfolio and some voucher in a hear saloon.


On Friday the art teacher was talking with my class mates about an art college, got involved into it and found out that it was a Saturday School at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Well i couldn’t actually wait for that day, i woke up early , the school was starting at 10 am and i woke up at 7:35..
When i got there, it was full with young artist and actually some of theme where really good future artist. We were chopped into Groups, I met new friends and had really lots’s of fun, i was that excited that I was shacking while drawing. I met a really nice person ” Laura ” , she is a great artist and that girl is doing 4 A levels in year 13, how brave.

Still life

In my life is nothing going on that interesting these last days, i still have those guest from Georgia, am kind of getting bored of them but well what can i do , they are my relatives.
This day i remembered my Grand Pa “Sasha”, when I always remember him I kinda feel to cry, he is my grandpa which I never met, I always have the wish to meet him one day up in the skies. I wish he could be with me, see me how I life, what talent I have. I heard from my dad that he was loving photography and in the time where he bought a SLR camera it was really expensive,  dad told me aswell he use to play on guitar and sketch,  I always thought that no one had an Artistic talent in my Roots but well here I can see and remember that Sasha was a really interesting person and really wise person. On the eastern holidays when I am in Georgia I go to his grave, and when I see his picture on the stone I cry in my self, my soul… well I would drop my tears on him covered with earth but I don’t want to be watched by my parents, kinda feel uncomfortable.

Favourite song of this week

Hed Kandi Serve Chilled –  We were so close

Picture of this week


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