Tick Tock like a Clock

Erm… :/  well, i don’t know where to start,  long time that i haven’t written anything here. Well last week i was in germany, just for a few days , visited my family and had to do some private business there…  nothing that special,  came back  and attended at the Saturday School in Chelsea college of Art & Design,  it was alright, but it is getting boring and boring,  these people there are forcing us to take the Foundation courses, but i really do not need that, because i know what i want to do and where my interest are.

In school i have some nice trouble, i got again lazy and playing some Guitar Geek 😀  well i am doing some work but not as better as i was accomplishing my tasks.

on the 6th/11/09  i was attending  the  SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA in the O² academy,  it was amazing and just wow, can not describe it 😀  too good :]

Swedish House Cats

Alex, Nini

Well , what else can i tell,  it is getting boring here,  my uncle arrived, my parents arrived as well ¬¬ feel pissed, my mum wants to cut my hear, my dad laughs at my golden trainers and even my sis does it as well, she tells me that if people tell me that it looks cool they says it in a form not to offend me, that it means that i look shit.  You know what ?   FUCK YOU if you think like that,  i really do not give a shit if looks crap or nice, i just wear them because i feel comfortable 😀 .

I stopped smoking, like , i just smoke 1 piece today and yesterday.

Have to do work now, sry could not show you guys any new updated from my life :/   anyways .  see ya ;]


~ by alexsatriani on November 10, 2009.

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