December is knocking on the Door

I Wrote two new song these week :]

The are form my first album called ” Fake Love Stories”

Please have a look and rate it :]

Love Delays by Alex

Wow, these weeks was really amazing for me, i finished my courseworks in Business and ICT and am on the next Unit :] ,   the school gave me a offer to re-create their school logo and I’ve done it really good, they loved it and i got paid for it

Battersea Park Schoo Logo

Battersea Park Schoo Logo

Hey and the day that i went upstairs to get feed back from the logo there was a lady listening to our conversation an got interested in me, she was i need to design a school site :]

With other things there is just nothing special, long time has past that i have not been on my wordpress =/ but anyway i am here now and chatting some bullshit as usual :]

I had a Band tour ( Norwich>>London>>Newcastle),  it was just a brilliant tour,  Me,Robert,Joshua, Anthony,Thomas,Mr. Hawck, Steven and Faye.  The first day in Newcastle was the best i think, we were playing in a little club/bar with other 3 bands. We done well but had some mistakes with Faye, she is still young has not got a standard level of professionalism.

Next day we went back to London and performed in the School, it was quite fun :] i was playing Air guitar in the last song 😀  …

Newcastle, oh god, that was just crazy, we went there and people what we expected it was just wrong, i thought i was in a Club O___O  all the girls where dressed with short skirts and etc…  well it was weird for a Rock band =/  and the funny bit is that when there was the background music  was running till we were going to set up the audience was dancing and having fun  but as soon as we started they just were talking and not even paying attention  =/ , well that means they were not ready for Rock 😀  but we had fun,  Robert smashed his guitar , it was like  killing is son D: …   girls where coming to me and attracting my spiky hair 😀  which was really funny though 😛 .

I met many friends and good musicians which i liked it :] but it was really sad that we had to come back home v__v.

Today (12/12/09)  i was in the Chelsea college of art & design, it was my last session so we had to bring our art works as a portfolio and show them and get feedback…  oh well it was alright, but i got lost , the teachers tell me to do foundation because i am not sure what exactly i want to do for the future and i think i am on the mind of going to do the foundations course =/…

Dad has arrived today as well, can’t wait till we can go,  the winter AKtrip looks like this  >>London>>France>>Germany>>Austria>>Switzerland>>Italy>>Greece>>Turkey>>Georgia>>London

This weeks new artworks:


~ by alexsatriani on December 12, 2009.

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