AKtour WINTER 2009

So, this December is a bit puzzled for me,  am really confused and cannot concentrate at everything, for example school or my hobbies and personal business. My grandma visited me in London, how sweet isn’t it ?!  Ok that is not that bad but in school it’s getting really hard ,  I had manage to write my personal statement which was a bit lost, I wrote it once as miss Sangha asked us to do it and after 1 week I gave it to her but she never gave me feedback, well I thought to ask mr. Heinze but he just told me it was crap  =/  I felt pissed, he didn’t say what I should correct  or what would be better to write or not, or any advice, but who gives a shit , life is like that, you have to be a wolf and keep hunt for your own things to achieve a high priority.

In school as I told you guys, I “was” re-designing the logo of  Battersea Park School, but these people are just making me mad, I changed it already the 9th time and they still don’t like it, freaking hell I am doing the logo for 50 pound and what do you want else,  they try now to get on my nerves and let me quit by my self  but naa, naa you arses , they think I am a kid but I am not, I will struggle them till they not paying me my work, it is just not fair, they are that picky and want to get rid of me =/  pissed !!.
The AKwintertour was like this


Switzerland was just great, St. Moritz a perfect place for leisure and snowboarding O__O  that was just mama mia amazing, mega cool boxes to slide over and do some shifts and just enjoy life. Next year I planned to go there again with my fiend or someone :] . Just for advise you, it was there -17 and if you want go there better get a warm coat 😀
In Germany I finally solved my business problems, have got now a “AK Import-Export LTD.”  and applied for my private insurance. Everything is running well and life I getting interesting for me, more individual and responsible.
Finally arrived in Georgia :]  Can’t wait now to see my friends,  Dachi(Levan & Gio) , Tika, Sandro, Tako, Qeti, Kuto, Sali, David  etc…   :]

Viva La AK


~ by alexsatriani on December 20, 2009.

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