Sitting on the Plateau and singing for the Snow…

It’s been months that i haven’t written anything up here .___.  

The good things in my life are :

I have a conditional offer in Middlesex University ( BA Graphic Design )  

I have a part time job in the company called Alessi in Westfield  

I have passed all my Business and ICT works to my tutour  

I have a strong motivated for the future  

Dady is sponsoring me for my university  ^_^  

I might get the Canon EOS 7D  / Wacom Cintique 12x / Macbook pro 17 inc  

I feel older inside me, like it  

The bad / sad / tragic things are:

I have problems in my Art Exam and some problems with school  

I have still a bit problems with my family  

Mia still doesn’t accepts Piercings and Tattoos ( am not even waiting for that day if she would xD )  

I am still heart broken, don’t know why but it’s just like that :/   maybe am in Love and thats it :]  

I go sleep at night really late, like insomnia infection @___@  

I need spectacles ( yeah , no jokes, my eyes messed up )  

My E Guitar got damaged  v____v  

My art is of deceasing to develop for the future…

Yeah, as we see there are more bad things than good, obviously we learn from problems / issues / mistakes and so on and people always seemed and are good for me, i really don’t know why i am like this, maybe i am all friendly to everyone, i love everyone and i love to help everyone but after this all good things i feel freaking too sad. I know i moan lika a moody baby but it’s just me, inside me is this ugly creature which can’t be killed.  Don’t even try to help me , it’s worse , or not ?  i actually never had a taste of that to get help from someone entirely.

Luck , Peace and Love to everyone xx



New art :

Chelsea Harbour


~ by alexsatriani on June 12, 2010.

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