Love Tips

Tips from My Love life experience

Never ever promise your girlfriend/boyfriend something for the future, how the life is going to be and bla bla bla. Live with your realistic possibilities and you may plan for the future spontaneously and with better results.

Please don’t LIE , that’s something not pleasant. If you pass that step it’s a better feeling for you, your soul feels clean and people trust you more. Than more you lie and trying to hide a mask in front of your face and blame other people your problems/faults you are appending a bad name to the audience.  That’s not cool, being fake is not cool, just tell your self to wake up and be someone unique, someone kind and respectful to people.

Don’t show attraction on the first date to your opposite sex , just stay cool and let the time place the most effect to the relationship between you two. I promises it’s better to start as friends rather flirting and then equilibrium the bad and the good about the person. Well if you’re feeling comfortable and you two know very good that you going to be closer, then consider everything carefully what you saying and how you acting.

Make sure and ask your self :

” why do I like him/her ? ”
” why do you love him/her? “

And hear the answer as well from your partner, there is no problem to ask about it.

Get rid off talking about your EX‘s, it’s better to not talk a lot about it. Your partner might play the cool groovy guy which has no problems to talk about that but, but one day, inside him/her minds will that question be born
” is he/she still missing her/him? ”
” he/she still thinks about his/her ex”

And that topic brings your partner to jealousy and might lose interest in you

Not a problem but with a condom please!!!
If you don’t have a condom or a coin to buy one just STOP it, I know it’s hard to be normal when you are horny but you have to do it, there is no choice.
And don’t you dare to do it without condom , from age 15-24 globally we are ultra fertile so just screw it and don’t have a unplanned baby, there is no Ctrl+Z for it.The best choice are Injections or a Spiral for safe and pleasurable sex for you both

If the girl says No, it means a NO.

If the guy says No, he is very tired or he is gay :)))

A Person in a Relationship?

If  she/he is a in a relationship, you should keep distance in a formal way, not as a friend. Well depends on the situation, if the person really loves his/her partner never make a move towards them, you should know in what situations they are. They might be situations that you guys going to be together with friends in a bar/pub/restaurant/cinema… and she/he is very upset about the partner, but that is just permanent, it may come from hate, fear or other things what they feel about.

Even if the person likes you and pays more attention to you at the time you together you should keep a distance of any offers.

Try to not talk about their partner, why and how they feel, it will make her/him feel worse and result into a stress and its your responsibility to calm them down.

Best thing is if you guys spend more time with each other and stay as friends, if there will be a change such as breacking up the relationship with the partner than it’s a green light for you to make your move for a new adventure.

Just be normal and original ;]

To be continued … By AK


~ by alexsatriani on June 30, 2010.

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  1. haahah love it.

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