Holding on myself

Very very long time haven’t been on this site and very long time already haven’t been arrived at home back to london.

It’s my second month in Georgia that I just wasting time and as it’s called having a great time on my holidays.

My situations has been shifted deep in problems.  Job Problems / Study Problems / Future Problems and the most thing what breaks my heart is I have a Problem in my relationship.  People might thing why i am writing this shit here but i just write it to have a look at my, how do i behave and maybe read after time how stupid i was.


Finished school , finally finished it and done, am free and can do whatever I want. Done the applications and all those stuff for the University. I had a interview and it went well, the judge told me that she is awaiting for me in September.

I had my great job in Westfield, newly started and got used to it but well, I had some problems in Georgia to fix about my documents and other private stuff…

Traveled from London to >> France >> Belgium >> Germany >> Switzerland >> Germany >> Austria >> Hungary >> Romania >> Bulgaria >> Turkey >> Georgia.

Yeah, quite a big trip i know but i don’t give a shit, i was planning to work the whole summer and save some money to have a wonderful romantic week in France or somewhere in Europe but yeah, as it came things changed.


The whole August i was in  Batumi… with my friends and friends and friends, party , friends , drinking , friends , party …. can’t stand this anymore, i want just back to my home and fix some problems in my life. I could’t sleep for 8 Days and Nights just because of one reason :[ .

I feel pissed, not that i say i want to be spoiled form life, no , i just want to make things on my ways, things that i do with love and that I put the whole love inside to get something back. Learned many things but it’s kinda enough, my heart is really hurting and am always writing like this EMO teenager.  Lord hope everything will be alright v_v


~ by alexsatriani on August 30, 2010.

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