After coming back from holidays,  I found out results in school and ran straight away to Middlesex University.  It’s kinda far but I got to live with that.

I handed the grades to the head of the university and he had a quick look on the screen and told me ” You are accepted “.

That was definitely a shock for me, I didn’t know what to do with my emotions.

MDX – Middlesex Unviersity

First week there was the “induction week”  ,  the usual stuff you know,  where what is and what we can use and to get a student ID card… etc.

I met really nice people there, which are my friends now.  Many students are from outside the country and outside London.

  1. I recognized my self as FOUND.
  2. I love the Projects.
  3. I love the Environment.
  4. I love the People.


What I mean in finding my self is…  I feel my self, I found the right place where I belong to,  where I can think about the thinks I like to think, where I can say what I want to say that everyone understands me. I can now feel my life, my future how it is building up its self and am proud of my self that everything is going like planned.


The Projects are pretty interesting and suspenseful. We have like 4 Projects in the whole week and the deadline is in December.

These Projects are including, Typography and Layout / Digital Design / Print Making / History of Art.

I find the Typography lesson pretty interesting, the teacher explains explains and explains and confuses us with many ideas and thoughts and that’s what I think is the main goal from them. We have to struggle , the tutors are keep telling us ” You are a Problem Solver, a Designer” and i think that’s the right way to learn how to use the elements and think logically to produce a art work or any task in high standarts.


The environment is alright. It’s a bit far from my place where I live but it’s ok.  It takes me max 2 hours from home till the university.

The whole campus is in a big park and actually it’s very greeny :D. There is just a central road till 2 tube stations (Cockfosters and Oakwood) and thats it.


The people are various, many people come from abroad. On my course we are like about 30 but it depended on the lectures, sometimes we are 10 or max 35 people in one studio.


~ by alexsatriani on October 20, 2010.

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