December sucks

Well well well, this December is full with surprises and I hate surprises, good or bad it doesn’t matter. But it’s sort of a different Decmeber, no one is ready for it, no one is having really fun to enjoy it, no one feels the December. 😦

In Uni I messed up, couldn’t finish the first project it wad too confusing and useless. The second one which I failed as well was me ,who thought I was and didn’t keen to make some research. Messed up the whole situation by doing nothing.

The other usual basic stuff is still in progress, we are doing fine.

About me, I am fed up with chicken chow main, rusty my friend is going to see me dying one day while I’m eating it. We eat that shit every week and it’s really crazy.

The whole hours , minutes and seconds I was counting till I would have my xmass holidays and finally would go at Cathys in Germany.

And it did happen 😉 I was so fucking happy to see her after the long time.


Now am just sitting here in London, home :/ kinda feeling bitchy. Need my mood, need my energy and the most I need my Friends.

So now , I have to go to Paris tomorrow, a bunch of people are awaiting there. My uncle’s family, my mums relative and some girls from my Georgian school. I guess I will have fun but not so much , am more worry about my projects in Graphics and I just need quiet space to think and arrange everything, just accomplish on a perfect standard.

Here is some bundle of pics that i took with my Iphone

I wish you guys a happy New Year , enjoy it. 😉


~ by alexsatriani on December 27, 2010.

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