White Palace

Well well well…
Once upon a time there was a White Palace, in the fields and nature of England, to be more specific it was and is in Chichester. A place of peace, music, sweet, and happiness.

The colour White, symbol of peace. And it truly is a place in White where you rest your soul and mind.

Melodyies, the sounds, the voices in White Palace are splendid. Who ever is a musician can express their feelings into the music what they play and leave a remarkable feeling.

A place where you can enjoy the best cupcakes, tea and other delicious food.

A place where everyone is sharing the same mood, same happiness and love.
Royal Wedding Tea party

I was invited by Milie to this great tea party and plus a Fiddlig Gig before that day.
I met my good friend Jeanie as well, great person with a rich heart full of warmth and sunshine.

I had the pleasure to stay at the White Palace and plus charge my phone :D.
The next day after the Fiddling gig we had to prepare for the royal wedding, it’s was splendid, just wow. Minutes after minutes more and more friends were joining us for the tea party, everyone was curious about the royal wedding of prince William and Katy, what they where going to where, which famous person would appear and of course the kiss.

We had a lot of fun, the best fact was that we were all wearing suites and dresses as you would think we were a part of the wedding and it truly was a great feeling.

Had a lot of fun with my new friends, playing piano and guitar, singing, playing ping pong which I never did and I quite liked it :), to tell shorty it was great fun.

After the party I had the honour from Katy, Milie, Heidy and Will of taking me on a small tour around Chichester. We were in the Cathedral of Chichester, funny fact was that people thought we came from the royal wedding by looking at our clothes.





I had a great time 🙂 miss the new friends already and would love to see them soon.


~ by alexsatriani on April 30, 2011.

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