Honey on my Heart

I wish that you could see me now,
that I’m happy, that I’m smiling.
I wish you could feel the same,
what I want , for what I’m trying.

Trying to let you hear the beats,
from my soul, from the core,
since the time you dripped the honey on my heart I feel no more,
else this little sweet song belongs to the hives.
In the hives where the bees remain this love alive,
and my heart beats will belong to you for all the time.

I’ve plucked so many hopes, too many guesses, but I’m sure the chamomile will leave me the answers very preaches.

That’s why I’m happy and I’m smiling,
That’s why your honey on my heart,
makes this feeling shining.
And I always will be happy for you,
that this Love is always going to be true.


~ by alexsatriani on May 19, 2011.

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