Cannes Festival 2011

Yes that’s right, the Cannes Film festival.

I was attending a Georgian film presentation. The film is called “Forgotten King” filmed by Nikoloz Khomasuridze. The film has been shot with only on Camera continuously for 105 minutes. It’s quit incredible if you think deep of the core structure before knowing about the context.

Nikoloz Khomasuridze

Nikoloz Khomasuridze

Myself I was very impressed, mostly I adored the swapping of locations from just a tiny room and all the effects that have been used, to be honest it needs a strong retouch, for example there are names of Kings and historical people who only a Georgian person can understand whats and about who the conversation is, but still in total the film wont disappoint you.

Unfortunately there were no hollywood celebs that I could meet in person but still it was quite a great feeling to walk on the red carpet and get a sight inside  the Film Palace and i had the chance to meet other celebs such as the actors/actresses from the film. Even that how this invitation from Nikoloz happened was sudden and unexpected, there is a Georgian Radio channel every Friday which is LIVE streaming,FM 106.4 called as their main talk project “It’s me“. They invite various artist and talented people such as Nikoloz and talk trough the whole midnight, from 10pm till the sunrise.

While talking about FM 106.4 ,  one of the audience is Mia (my mother), she listens to it every friday and participates with her heart and soul, you have the chance to call them and ask anything you would love to know about the artist or just greet them, by phone, by text or via Skype they are all welcome to hear your voice.

On the previous show Nikoloz was invited with his colleagues to talk about the film and say few words about his life how he achieved this all. Mia called them up, greeted them while asked about the projects and soundtracks that was unpublished and suddenly next day I heard that she was invited by Nikoloz to the Film presentation in Cannes. First i thought that was a joke but it wasn’t, we had 3 days before the festival and I still had my projects to finish for my university but who cares, you get an invite to Cannes, obviously you will leave everything behind and just go.

Nice / Monaco

After the film presentation me and Mia went to Nice and afterwards Monaco, just met some friends and relatives. But to be honest it was dead there, like no one was there, for sure i know it was not the perfect season hanging out in Monaco but there was a 3% of people who I saw,  in Monte-Carlo they were preparing for the F1 races. But the weather was terrifying, cloudy and a bit of rain motivated our next day.

Sadly we had to leave the next day, so we just decided to have a nice coffee and eat yummy cakes from the Boulanger.

Here are some pics, so enjoy the post and your day ;]



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