Wish to the Rain

Rain drops touch my face,

I doubt it is the weathers grace,

It feels so soft and calm,

like sitting underneath a palm.

But no, it’s not the rain,

It’s something what I miss everyday,

something that has been tickling my heart like the rain.

I know it’s you,and you miss me everyday,

that’s how I feel the drops all the way.

I wish you could sit next to me in this rain, that I wont miss you everyday.


I wrote this poem when i was coming back home, on the way i was thinking about everything, everyone, i was so happy, don’t know why but fact was my heart was on a good mood. Few meters were left till home.

But suddenly it started raining, so soft and light. It felt good, it felt like someone was stroking my face, someones stroke that i missed very much.

On my left hand side was the riverside, I was all in the rush to not get wet but I slowed my steps, I had the feeling to go to the riverside and sit down. No matter how many drops were falling on me I just sat down and enjoyed it.

Some words came on my mind, some images in my head from the past and I started writing this little words from my little heart. Somehow i felt upset but it was changing and I had the only wish on that moment that the person who I most love should have felt the same happiness that I felt.

So I made a wish to the Rain, that when ever the person is going to feel the rain drops from above the sky, they should feel the same.

Hope you enjoy it.

~ by alexsatriani on June 23, 2011.

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