Holding on myself

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Very very long time haven’t been on this site and very long time already haven’t been arrived at home back to london.

It’s my second month in Georgia that I just wasting time and as it’s called having a great time on my holidays.

My situations has been shifted deep in problems.  Job Problems / Study Problems / Future Problems and the most thing what breaks my heart is I have a Problem in my relationship.  People might thing why i am writing this shit here but i just write it to have a look at my, how do i behave and maybe read after time how stupid i was.


Finished school , finally finished it and done, am free and can do whatever I want. Done the applications and all those stuff for the University. I had a interview and it went well, the judge told me that she is awaiting for me in September.

I had my great job in Westfield, newly started and got used to it but well, I had some problems in Georgia to fix about my documents and other private stuff…

Traveled from London to >> France >> Belgium >> Germany >> Switzerland >> Germany >> Austria >> Hungary >> Romania >> Bulgaria >> Turkey >> Georgia.

Yeah, quite a big trip i know but i don’t give a shit, i was planning to work the whole summer and save some money to have a wonderful romantic week in France or somewhere in Europe but yeah, as it came things changed.


The whole August i was in  Batumi… with my friends and friends and friends, party , friends , drinking , friends , party …. can’t stand this anymore, i want just back to my home and fix some problems in my life. I could’t sleep for 8 Days and Nights just because of one reason :[ .

I feel pissed, not that i say i want to be spoiled form life, no , i just want to make things on my ways, things that i do with love and that I put the whole love inside to get something back. Learned many things but it’s kinda enough, my heart is really hurting and am always writing like this EMO teenager.  Lord hope everything will be alright v_v


Love Tips

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Tips from My Love life experience

Never ever promise your girlfriend/boyfriend something for the future, how the life is going to be and bla bla bla. Live with your realistic possibilities and you may plan for the future spontaneously and with better results.

Please don’t LIE , that’s something not pleasant. If you pass that step it’s a better feeling for you, your soul feels clean and people trust you more. Than more you lie and trying to hide a mask in front of your face and blame other people your problems/faults you are appending a bad name to the audience.  That’s not cool, being fake is not cool, just tell your self to wake up and be someone unique, someone kind and respectful to people.

Don’t show attraction on the first date to your opposite sex , just stay cool and let the time place the most effect to the relationship between you two. I promises it’s better to start as friends rather flirting and then equilibrium the bad and the good about the person. Well if you’re feeling comfortable and you two know very good that you going to be closer, then consider everything carefully what you saying and how you acting.

Make sure and ask your self :

” why do I like him/her ? ”
” why do you love him/her? “

And hear the answer as well from your partner, there is no problem to ask about it.

Get rid off talking about your EX‘s, it’s better to not talk a lot about it. Your partner might play the cool groovy guy which has no problems to talk about that but, but one day, inside him/her minds will that question be born
” is he/she still missing her/him? ”
” he/she still thinks about his/her ex”

And that topic brings your partner to jealousy and might lose interest in you

Not a problem but with a condom please!!!
If you don’t have a condom or a coin to buy one just STOP it, I know it’s hard to be normal when you are horny but you have to do it, there is no choice.
And don’t you dare to do it without condom , from age 15-24 globally we are ultra fertile so just screw it and don’t have a unplanned baby, there is no Ctrl+Z for it.The best choice are Injections or a Spiral for safe and pleasurable sex for you both

If the girl says No, it means a NO.

If the guy says No, he is very tired or he is gay :)))

A Person in a Relationship?

If  she/he is a in a relationship, you should keep distance in a formal way, not as a friend. Well depends on the situation, if the person really loves his/her partner never make a move towards them, you should know in what situations they are. They might be situations that you guys going to be together with friends in a bar/pub/restaurant/cinema… and she/he is very upset about the partner, but that is just permanent, it may come from hate, fear or other things what they feel about.

Even if the person likes you and pays more attention to you at the time you together you should keep a distance of any offers.

Try to not talk about their partner, why and how they feel, it will make her/him feel worse and result into a stress and its your responsibility to calm them down.

Best thing is if you guys spend more time with each other and stay as friends, if there will be a change such as breacking up the relationship with the partner than it’s a green light for you to make your move for a new adventure.

Just be normal and original ;]

To be continued … By AK

Sitting on the Plateau and singing for the Snow…

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It’s been months that i haven’t written anything up here .___.  

The good things in my life are :

I have a conditional offer in Middlesex University ( BA Graphic Design )  

I have a part time job in the company called Alessi in Westfield  

I have passed all my Business and ICT works to my tutour  

I have a strong motivated for the future  

Dady is sponsoring me for my university  ^_^  

I might get the Canon EOS 7D  / Wacom Cintique 12x / Macbook pro 17 inc  

I feel older inside me, like it  

The bad / sad / tragic things are:

I have problems in my Art Exam and some problems with school  

I have still a bit problems with my family  

Mia still doesn’t accepts Piercings and Tattoos ( am not even waiting for that day if she would xD )  

I am still heart broken, don’t know why but it’s just like that :/   maybe am in Love and thats it :]  

I go sleep at night really late, like insomnia infection @___@  

I need spectacles ( yeah , no jokes, my eyes messed up )  

My E Guitar got damaged  v____v  

My art is of deceasing to develop for the future…

Yeah, as we see there are more bad things than good, obviously we learn from problems / issues / mistakes and so on and people always seemed and are good for me, i really don’t know why i am like this, maybe i am all friendly to everyone, i love everyone and i love to help everyone but after this all good things i feel freaking too sad. I know i moan lika a moody baby but it’s just me, inside me is this ugly creature which can’t be killed.  Don’t even try to help me , it’s worse , or not ?  i actually never had a taste of that to get help from someone entirely.

Luck , Peace and Love to everyone xx



New art :

Chelsea Harbour

Life goes on…

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This is my 4th week that i have not being smoking…  how sweet, isn’t it ?!!

The Reason and who I really want to thank is Gwen, this special and unique human kind gave me the spirit to do this, I actually talk to my self about that and argue against myself.

It’s a bit funny but well yeah,  from Friday on I feel heartbroken and angry about myself, angry because of my over pulled acting, how I behave to people and how I speak. I still have not learned from life…  remember “WHAT EVER COMES OUT FROM YOUR MOUTH, IT DOESN’T GO BACK” and that is what I never being remembering in my life, hope that I have enough of this and grow up.

Saturdays I couldn’t hold on this any more, I decided to buy cigarettes and yes I did.  Came out from the shop and already was searching for my lighter while holding the cigarette in my mouth, I was scared , I felt strange, like superstition feeling but it was more like my EGO was talking to me,  I asked him ” Who do you love , cigarette or her ? ”  This question just left me there in the middle of the street, I was all confused and I again heard  my EGO saying that “it’s not fair, it’s not fair”.  After this 20 second fight against my EGO I took out my cigarette and kept in the box back. This feeling after it was amazing, I was feeling something new, a new Alex a new path that I decided to chose…

Who ever is reading this is not in my interests , I just keep writing it for me and thanks to my best friend Tika, she gave me this site :].

What is a EGO?

An EGO is your second YOU, a believed strength that lives inside  you and have the faith for it that it exists. Myself  I had many EGOs,  but in the age of 14-18 my last ego is really dangerous and not a pleasure to meet him.

Alex’s EGO

Since I moved in London I was living by myself, parents were in Germany and Georgia. The good thing that I was all alone was that I found my self but too much lonlyness is dangerous, that is why my EGO has been developed and I lost myself. One of the good things that Life brought me by is that you learn from mistakes but if you do the mistakes over and over you regret, as I do now.

New friends  in my life,

Anaïs humorous girl who smiles always when i see her and makes me smile too ^^

Faye :] really warm hearted person and shy.

Art works

Gwen took pictures of Sani and they are really amazing, thanks to her :} xx

Don’t dream it, Be it!!

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Time is rushing and my life time is running…. even not ….it’s flying.

Many things has been changed in my life now, i feel more like muted , strange, good , not empty hearted :/ and …. i really don’t know. Sometimes i lose all my mood and motivation for everything in life but last week i recovered it.

I met a  interesting person, creative and interesting . Her name is Gwen, studding/living in london, she loves fashion photography / being creative / being crazy /attending events or going out with friends….


25/02/10 Finally received my cheque for the logo what i have designed for my school ( Battersea Park School).

Yeah =/ school is sometimes depressing now, i really don’t understand my Art teacher ( miss. Sangha), i handed in my Personal statement and the Application for for Central St.Martin’s… i thought she had to speak with the UNI or something like that but now she is blaming me that i have not sent my form :[

Oh well thats alright, i will do it :P. In other subjects like Business am feeling puzzled, because of the coursework that i have done i can not remember which i have done and which not 😀


New works this month, i feel really weird :[ am not producing a lot of art anymore but this month is special.

Chelsea Harbour Just a photo collage had in my ideas to stitch all my panoramas together and make it even.

Suspect ~AK Finally i done my Suspecting project, literally the story is just about going in jail just for a girl that you don’t even know.

Santa Trans This is my first HTML work what i have done just in 20 minutes for my dads Company :]

Fun Art

Who the hell is this guy?! This work i made for my best mate in school :] roberto my guitar Hero 😀

Rose Avatar Just a manipulation of Rose’s picture to avatar, i think her natural skin colour suites her 😀

Current Dreams Yeah, this is just a old picture which i like for this scene, just expressing my dreams 😀


I love her, I don’t love her, I love Her , I don’t love her…

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საშინელი დღე ეწვია ალექსის , მისი კომპიტერიის სატენი გადაეწვა, ნინის კიდევ hotmailის პაროლი გატეხეს და ყველაფერი წაუშალეს. კიდევ არის ერთი რამე რომ უნდა მოგიყვეთ.

ყოველთვის თქვი ის რასაც გრძნობ, და აკეთებ იმას რასაც ფიქრობ.

რომ ვიცოდე რომ დღეს უკანასკნელად გხედავ მძინარას, მაგრად ჩაგიკრავდი გულში და შევევედრებოდი უფალს რომ შენი სულის დამცველად მოვევლინო.

რომ ვიცოდე რომ უკანასკნელად გხედავ როგორ გადიხარ სახლიდან, მოგეხვეოდი, გაკოცებდი და მოგაბრუნებდი რომ კიდევ ერთხელ მეკოცნა, რომ ვიცოდე რომ უკანასკნელად მესმის შენი ხმა. ფირზე ჩავიწერდი თითოეულ შენს სიტყვას რათა დაუსრულებლად შემეძლოს მისი მოსმენა, და რომ ვიცოდე რომ ეს ჩვენი უკანასკნელი წუთებია, გეტყოდი რომ მიყვარხარ თითქოს არ ვიყო დარსმუნებული რომ შენ ეს უკვე იცი.

ყოველ გათენებასთან ერთად ცხოვრება ახალ ახალ საშვალებას გვაძლევს რომ ვაკეთო ლამაზად ჩვენი საქმე, მაგრამ თუ ეხლა ვცდები და დღეს ამისმეტი არაფერი დაგვრჩენია, მინდა გითხრა თუ რა ძლიერად მიყვარხარ რომ არასოდეს დაგივიწყებ.

ვწუხვარ უბრალოდ ვეღარ გავაგრძელებ და ვერ მოგითხრობთ რასა ვგრძნობ ჩემს გულის სიღმეში მაგრამ რაც დავწერე ეგეც საკმარისია.

Winter in Tbilissi

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პირეველივე რაც მქონდა აზრად რომ ჩამოვედი დაჩისთან გავედი, ერთი სული მქონდა :] და საშინლად მიხაროდა როგორც ყოველთვის,  ბიჭები დამხვდნენ ჯიგრულად.

სანდრიკა იყო შემდეგი სიაში, ჩემთან გამოვიდა და ირაკლისთან ავედით, ნათლიებთან ერთად ვსვამდი, ერთმანეთს ვადღეგრძელებდით …  ბოლოს ისეთი ჭაჭა დავლიე რომ პატრონს ვეღარ ვცნობდი (ეგ ყველაფერი სანდრიკას ბრალია, მან მოითხოვა 😀 ).

ორივენი ბუხოი მივდივართ მასთან სახში , 5 საათამდე ვერ დავიძინე =/ და ასევე დილით აკადემიაში უნდა წავყოლოდი რომ მენახა როგორ სცავალ განათლება მიმდინარეობ თბილისში ,  ნუ მივედით, ავედით მე8ე სართულზე და =/  ისეთი ცუდად გახდა, ცუდად გახდა ეგჩემისა და სახში ჩემთან ავედით, სიცხე ქონდა, ფილტვების ანთება ქონია მაგ საცოდავს :[ .

შემდეგ დღეს შევხდი თიკას :] როგორც ყოველთვის ჩვენ ტრადიციონალურ ადგილას 😀 F1ში , იმდენი ვილაპარაკეთ და გავიქაფეთ რომ გაგვაგდეს კაფედან :] . იმ დღეებში აღარ ვიცი რა მოხდა, მემგონი სადღაც დებილობა კლუბში წავედი , , ხოოდა მდა , ბანდძი ნაროდი ხო იყო იქ, მერე გახადე 1 საათიანი მომზადება სანამ დააყენბდნენ =/, ნუ როგორც იქნა დაიწყო, უკრავდნენ ” მგზავრები” და ვიგაც გამორეტიანებული DJეები . გავცნაი კიდევ ახალი მეგობრები, დაჩის კურსელები და ბრატები, ბექას მეგობრებიდან ორი კარგი მანდილოსანი გავიცანი ;] რომლებიც ყელაზე საუკეთესო ბაშვები იყნენ იმ ჯოგის შედარებით 😀 სოფო და სალი.

მერე მერე მერე, მერე არაფერი , პაპს გავუკეთე რაგაც უკანა ფონი თავის საიტის , მერე სადღაც წაცედი არ ვიცი, უი ხო სანდრიკასან და თავადძეც იქ იყო :] გავერთედ მაგრამ მოგვბეზრდა ეს კიმპიუტერი ბიძია და ავდექით და გავისეირნეთ , აი იქით ოდესღაც რუშთაველი რომ იყო და თემქა patyს რომ ატარებენ =/ ხოოო , ქალაქში არაფერი რომ ხდებოდა 9 საათზე ღამით, შევედით ცილიმბარში და ნარდი ვითამაშეთ, 3 ლარში გამოვედით 😀 2ი ჩაი და ერსაათიანი ნარდი ;] კქრგი ბუდეა რა არაფლის მაქნისეისთვის 😀

Axali weli iyo ai, mda , imena mda, jer chemebtan avginshne , mere dachistan gavedi da nebartva avixe iramsagan rom dachi shemedzlo gamomeyvana , avedit gogebashilze meobrebtan, me ki chavedi sandrikastan da levanasta da movnaxule egenic,  bevri viaret tu cota , maxsovda rom gasaxebi mqonda jibeshi avtomobilis , ragac Ford courier iyo, xooo da 1 saati xom vichalichet rom dagveqoqa, mere davagoret sastumre saqartvelomde da qvevit chavedid benzi gvegona rom ar iyo , viyidet 10 litra benzini, kargad gavavset avtomobili da agmochdan rom Dizelze yovila O___0  , xo da davtovet eg avtomobilic shua gzashi da ravi ra ar vqenit. Bolos sandostan avedit da ananoc vnaxe ragac dilis 8 saatze :] sawyali dzozginebda isets rom shemecoda :p

Gudaurshi viyavit Shabats me da sandro , magari gavertets pontshi, nisli da tovli iyo ise ra magram saxe ise kargad avilese rom xo sjobs ar movyve 😀